Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Grey Wolves Series By Quinn Loftis

The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis

The Grey Wolves Series, can be described in two word-heart stopping. Author, Quinn Loftis manages to pain a picture depicting a world that lives beneath our very own. One ruled by Wolves, where Alphas are the absolute power and love is so strong it can kill and preserve the species. In the first installment we are introduced to a quirky average teenager by the name of Jacque Pierce and her two partners in crime Jennifer Adams and Sally Morgan. Up until the arrival of one certain Romanian heart throb Fane Lupei, there lives had appeared to be pretty normal.

After a sneaky plan to meet the estranged foreign exchange student Jacque begins to change, Markings appear on her back and suddenly a voice is in her head, belonging to none other then Fane. As true love blossoms a rival Alpha steps forward challenging Fane to a fight to the death, the prize-Jacque’s Heart.

As we eagerly devour the second book Blood Rites, we are taken deeper into the world of the Canis Lupis or werewolves for that matter. Jacque’s Father crawls out of the woodwork all while Jacque, Sally and Jen are placed in the intensive care unit due to a serious care accident. Meanwhile hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Cynthia a doctor responsible for the care and treatment of the three girls is cooking up something and it isn’t to make them feel better.

The long awaited Third book to the series, Just One Drop tells the story of Jennifer Adams and her struggles with tall dark and handsome Decebel, Beta wolf to the Romanian pack. After being told she had enough wolf blood in her system to be considered a member of the pack things heat up between Jen and Decebel leaving readers screaming at there books and kindles begging for the romantic rendezvous we all see coming a mile away. Just as there relationship seems to be forming there Alpha informs the Romanian Wolves they are to attend a gathering for unmated males and females to ensure the continuation of there race. While sexy and sassy Jen toes the line with Decebel’s heart, a plan to overthrow the Romanian Alpha is set in motion and all is not what it seems.

Loftis captures your mind and imagination and shows us a world that we all secretly wish could exist, I mean who doesn’t want to know there are some hot werewolves out there looking for someone to call there mate? With heart pounding action scenes, beautiful character development and comical moments to break the ice she shows an improvement in her writing and enthralls fans young and old. With a pinch of action a dash of blood and a whole lot of romance and sexy werewolves you have the recipe for the perfect Paranormal Romance Novel.

Now I have to sit here and wait, dreaming eagerly of her next book Out of The Dark.

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