Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of Witches And Warlocks-By Lacey Weatherford

Of Witches and Warlocks by Lacey Weatherford

Where to start with this amazing book series? It has witches, it has warlocks, it has demons and soul mates, romance and sexy encounters and absolutely swoon worthy men. What is not to love? Christmas day 2011 I was given a kindle fire. Being a fan of books about Witches I simply searched the word “Witch” and I stumbled upon Lacey’s First book “The Trouble with Spells”. After buying the book I spent the better part of that day eating up the story and dying for more I purchased the rest of the series.

Through out this series you are introduced to Portia and Vance a couple of kids with wicked powers who just can’t seem to catch a break. When all seems well in there lives, well Lacey just throws you another curve ball and your left asking yourself “what the Hell just happened here!?”. Each page is riddled with delicious romance, and action that could require CPR. If just reading about Vance didn’t already stop your heart that is.

After discovering she is a Witch Portia Mullins is thrown through a series of loops while she basks in learning about magic and becomes better aquatinted with the mysterious Vance Magnum life is good. But not for long, Without giving to much away, Portia has to learn how to use her powers to save the ones she loves and even when the storm calms its not over through out the series she has to deal with the death of coven members the betrayal and redemption of her best friend and the person she loves most falling into the hands of dark magic. Vance turned demon by his father must battle his inner darkness and conquer his instincts in order to save the one he loves and in the end have what they always dreamed of.

This series is a pure work of art, I am not joking when I say you need to go out and read these books. Whether you own a kindle or your would rather have a paperback novel in your hands the books are available in both formats. You will laugh with the characters cry with them, feel there joy and even though its all over you’ll go on your knees to Lacey begging for more.

The books are honestly so good that two months later the final line of her last book still rings in my head.

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