Monday, August 20, 2012

The City Of Bones..The Movie

I am probably late on finding this out, but I am just as excited as anything. Today is the first day of filming for The City of Bones a book that is being turned into a movie and is due to be released August 2013. When I first read The City Of Bones it had been from the first page and I became addicted to the series. I am really excited to see that it will be a movie soon and I really truly hope they do not Eragon Movie this book. I am sure any fantasy fan knows what I mean by "Eragon Movie" it. Meaning leave a lot to be desired and over all destroy a good book. Though that hasn't happened in awhile so I have faith this will be an accurate representation of the novel. The director of this film has never adapted a book into a movie before so I am a little more then concerned. The production company is the same one that brought us films like Hancock and Zathura, though those are good movies this company also brought us Ultraviolet (for the record i loved this movie) which crashed at the box office Also they brought us Ghost Rider (for the record I loved this one too). So given the company's history I am not totally confident they can pull this off. If it was Paramount Pictures or Lions Gate I'd be much more comfortable. Of course regardless of how good or bad it looks I will more then likely see the film in theaters. 
Something I am very excited about though is the fact they chose very good actors to play the characters Literally taking the descriptions of the characters and bringing them to life. 

I think they chose a great actress to play the main character, Clary Fray. She has the fiery red hair and deep eyes we are introduced to in the novel and she has many Clary-isms about her. To be honest though I have not seen Lily Collins act in much of anything though she was in Priest which gives me some expectations that she is ready for a film of this caliber. Given that Priest was an action film and supernatural we can only hope she is ready for this. 

Now the actor they chose for Magnus, really has surprised me. When I pictured Magnus Bane I found myself imagining more of a Lafayette type character from True Blood, which if you are not familiar with True Blood is a character who is a medium and a very flamboyantly gay black man. But everyone does have a certain idea when they try to envision a character. I've never seen Godfrey Gao in anything before and I am hoping he can live up to the expectations a lot of fans will have for him. I know Magnus is flamboyant but not overly so and he has a aura to him that screams power. So far it looks like Godfrey can scream power now lets see him walk the walk as well as talk the talk. It really isn't enough to just look good when you are becoming a character from a book. 

Though I haven't seen a majority of these actors act before I am happy with a lot of the choices. They look exactly like they were described in the book the only two I was worried about was Clary and Magnus. Seeing as the movie is due to come out next year I don't think we will have to wait long for a teaser trailer which I am eager to see how well or how badly they are doing with this production. 

Well I have said my piece, I am excited but on edge with this film. Because I love this series so much I really hope we end up with a heart stopping film. Other then my usual book reviewing I will keep posting updates on the film as we get information and I will probably write about other book-to-movie journeys. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pretty Sacrifices By Devin O'Branagan

Pretty Sacrifices By Deven O’Branagan 

In the epic continuation of the life of Glory Templeton you follow Glory through her trials with love, life, and good vs. evil. Now a sworn Warrior of Light Glory has to save the ones she loves from Demoness, Nyx’s powerful hold or face the consequences. Meanwhile her friend Kaia from the Moonstone coven is forced to realize her love for Evan and has to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

This book bent time and broke my heart while at the same time gave us some amazing looks at how some of the characters came to be the way they were. We get to see one of my favorite characters once again Jinx and her goth girls in both the past and present day. Instead of just being a paranormal romacy-action book this time Pretty Sacrifices took on a very Sci-Fi feel making you question whether or not time is a straight line. 

Dominic the hot romantic angel we know and love returns in this book to win Glory’s heart and offer her protection you get to see a side of him in this story that was hidden in the other book, his loving side that would honestly do anything to make Glory happy. Zane the other competitor for Glory’s heart is back as well but not as the vampire we know and love but as a man from the past as we get a chance to explore his relationship with the woman Glory is connected to the mysterious and gorgeous Hope-Zane’s long since dead wife. Both men end up winning you’re heart its really hard to pick a side, which means whomever she ends up with you will be cheering in the end.

We are introduced to a sweet little girl Belle Starr and we get to see Glory be a mother and not just a hero, overall this book blew my mind. I was clinging to every page and couldn't put it down. This book re-defines a page turner for me I couldn’t even begin to think about anything else I found myself contemplating this book even when I was at work and like with the first book Glory I am sure I will be thinking about this book until the third installment comes out. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Darkness Falls Series By Jessica Sorensen

Darkness Falls Series By Jessica Sorensen 

Book One and Book Two of this series brings you into an intricate heart stopping world where you can trust no one but yourself everyone lies and you cannot go out at night. 

Kayla Juniper is the main character of this horror style thriller, she is a warrior a solider first, a teenage girl later. Victim of a life full of lies and horrible experiments these books lead you through her journey to save the world, with instructions by the man who brought the world destruction himself, Kayla needs to regain her memories and become bigger then herself. 

I loved these two books I read them back to back and I felt my heart beat racing and found myself looking around the corners as I walked out of my room at night. A third book is due in Fall of 2012 and I am biting at the bit to get my hands on that book. This series does not know where to give you a break right as you think you know whats going on and you try to relax while reading you find yourself back on the edge of your seat again. I started the second book at eleven at night and didn't put the book down until i finished it at six in the morning. 

Jessica I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!.

Well I'm back!

Wow its been awhile since i've been able to write, you think with the summer here-or nearly over. You'd have more free time, not exactly the case but i'll be writing when I can so keep your eyes out!