Friday, August 17, 2012

Pretty Sacrifices By Devin O'Branagan

Pretty Sacrifices By Deven O’Branagan 

In the epic continuation of the life of Glory Templeton you follow Glory through her trials with love, life, and good vs. evil. Now a sworn Warrior of Light Glory has to save the ones she loves from Demoness, Nyx’s powerful hold or face the consequences. Meanwhile her friend Kaia from the Moonstone coven is forced to realize her love for Evan and has to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

This book bent time and broke my heart while at the same time gave us some amazing looks at how some of the characters came to be the way they were. We get to see one of my favorite characters once again Jinx and her goth girls in both the past and present day. Instead of just being a paranormal romacy-action book this time Pretty Sacrifices took on a very Sci-Fi feel making you question whether or not time is a straight line. 

Dominic the hot romantic angel we know and love returns in this book to win Glory’s heart and offer her protection you get to see a side of him in this story that was hidden in the other book, his loving side that would honestly do anything to make Glory happy. Zane the other competitor for Glory’s heart is back as well but not as the vampire we know and love but as a man from the past as we get a chance to explore his relationship with the woman Glory is connected to the mysterious and gorgeous Hope-Zane’s long since dead wife. Both men end up winning you’re heart its really hard to pick a side, which means whomever she ends up with you will be cheering in the end.

We are introduced to a sweet little girl Belle Starr and we get to see Glory be a mother and not just a hero, overall this book blew my mind. I was clinging to every page and couldn't put it down. This book re-defines a page turner for me I couldn’t even begin to think about anything else I found myself contemplating this book even when I was at work and like with the first book Glory I am sure I will be thinking about this book until the third installment comes out. 

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