Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chasing Nikki GiveAway

The lovely and talented Mrs. Lacey Weathorford is holding weak long give aways on her blog to honor the official release week of "Chasing Nikki" anyone who is a fan of Lacey knows she sometimes will release her new novels a little early, I guess she just gets to excited :D. So run on over to her blog and enter the contest to win some Chasing Nikki swag, her contests are easy to enter and always worth a try. I'll keep you updated about further give aways. Cheers!

Lacey's Blog: http://www.laceyweatherfordbooks.com/2012/03/chasing-nikki-book-swag-giveaway.html

Monday, March 19, 2012

Witch Hunt By Devin O'Branagan

Witch Hunt By Devin O’Branagan

When Leigh married into the Hawthorne family she knew they had a huge secret, and she never asked any questions she just trusted her husband. She didn’t even ask quetions when he son started to have premonition like dreams and her daughter started doing little tricks.

After the tragic death of Leigh’s father and brother in law a fanatic preacher begins a Witch Hunt that cannot simply end without death. As her world falls to pieces around her Leigh begins to learn about her new family, their past, present and future.

All the while the story goes back and forth between the current events happening to Leigh and her Inlaws and the past run ins the Hawthornes had with prejudice and Witch hunts in the past.

Packed with action and love, magic, sacrifice and history these Ms.Devin takes you on a wild ride through time. While you get to know Leigh, you get to know the women of the family who came before her, the tragedies that befell the women of the past and how strong they had to be.

Even though Leigh wasn’t born to be a Witch she becomes one and leads the Hawthornes from yet another tragedy into a hopeful future.

This book is a page turning heart stopping, thought provoking novel full of blood lose gain and power. It reminds us that no matter what we can prevail.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chasing Nikki By Lacey Weatherford

Chasing Nikki By Lacey Weatherford

Once again best selling author Lacey Weaterford succeeds in bringing tears to my eyes in this heart breakingly beautiful romance about young love. The book opens up to introduce use to the main character Chase, a partying playboy who for the time uses girls as a distraction instead of looking for love. When he is caught drunk and arrested its the last straw for his mother.

Widowed mother and trouble son move to the house his mother grew up in out on a farm with his drill sergeant like grandfather and doting grandmother. Instantly you fall in love with the grandparents and your heart bleeds for Chase, whose life is spiraling downwards ever since the death of his father.

On his first day of school he meets Nikki, a gorgeous girl who was burned by a football player and forever sworn off dating them. Chase being an intrepid young man and ex-quarterback sees a challenge and takes to the chase.

Over time they fall in love, they understand each other and they make plans for the future until tragedy strikes on what is supposed to be a night to remember.

The relationship between Chase and Nikki is beautiful and romantic, every girl reading this book wants a boy like Chase in their life and every guy who even hears about it wants a girl like Nikki. The character development is gradual and very pleasing.

This is a book you cannot put down not for a second so if you haven’t read it yet you may want to save it for a day when you can sit down and just read it because you will laugh you will cry you will fall in love with Chase and Nikki and cheer them on until the very end. As I read this book I couldn’t help but find myself crying, I cried for Chase and his pain and I cried for Nikki and her silent struggles.

Now I never read plain romance novels to be totally honest this is the first romance novel that wasn’t paranormal that I have read, and I loved it. I loved everything about it, I was hooked from the second I read the first page and had difficulty thinking about anything else other then this book when I was at school. The only other time I’ve cried over a book was when I read Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, it takes quite a lot for a book to evoke tears from me but their were tears and my heart swelled with each romantic moment or gesture.

Like with her other books the last line of this novel will never let you forget Chasing Nikki.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mortal Obligation By Nichole Chase

Mortal Obligations By Nichole Chase

Mortal obligations is part one of a three part series called The Dark Betrayal Trilogy. Opening up with a description of our main character Ree Mckenna. She seems to be perfectly human and she appears to lead a perfectly human life. That is until a group of teens attack Ree and her friends. This groups is called The Dark Ones some other worldly creatures that sound as if they are a demon-vampire experiment gone wrong. In the space of one chapter Ree and her friends are whisked away to a nearby island where they are told they are the descendants of Gods and Ree is there trump card in an age old war. With the help of her immortal gaggle of friends and friend and mentor Sophie, Ree has to win the war or the course of history will change for ever and humans will become slaves to the Dark Ones.

Mortal Obligations is a fast paced book causing you to lose touch with reality and start checking the shadows for dark ones. Supernatural powers and gods are perfectly married in this short but tantalizing book. With a pleasant amount of heart break and romance you can’t help but fall in love with Ree and all her flaws and untamed power.

So far I love the charecters in this book, its not very easy juggling so many power players and developing there personalities but Ms. Chase manages this perfectly. The fact the Gods can visit their immortal grandchildren is a thrilling add on.

Ms. Chase presents an otherworldly tale that capture your imagination and throws you into a different version of our own world where wars are raged in secret and the fate of the world lies on the shoulders of one girl.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Twilight Saga By Stefanie Meyer

The Twilight Saga By Stephanie Meyer

This review will tell a personal story as to what Twilight did for me and why I still enjoy it so many years later. When I was in my freshman year of high school, alot was going on in my life. I was staying in a lonely place away from home and we visited the library once a week and I could only take out one book at a time. With a begrudging sigh I began to read Twilight, they would often find me sitting in a tree outside of the house reading it slowly soaking up every detail. By the next library visit I was ready for the next book. I took the universe Twilight provided me with and made it into an escape a place where I could be a vampire and run away from the dark times in life. In the beginning It did really give me a lot. A place to run away too. By this time I had exhausted my harry potter books and was looking for something new and I found peace in Twilight. It was an emotional get away in a horrible time in my life.

The plot is well thought out though Bella is painted to be far to much the damsel in distress and not every girl likes being painted that way. I certainly did it so I found myself changing her as I read the books in my mind to make her more like me. Edward started out as everyone’s ideal man and turned into a bit of an over bearing boyfriend-husband then reverted back to being the ideal man.

Jacob is my favorite character he is strong and powerful and as he progresses through the series his character just gets better and better. I love his relationship with bella and to be honest I wish she had decided to stay with him but that would have made for a far less interesting story and make Edward a rather redundant character.

I really do not like the fact the vampires “sparkle” in the sun, remove sparkling from one of their traits and they are a picture of perfect modern day vampires. If I could talk to Meyer directly I’d advise her against the sparkling because it takes away from the small amount of fear we are all supposed to have for the vampire.

As I read these books I fell in love with the characters despite there flaws and fell in love with there world. I love the Volturi they are the picture of power in Twilight and the government/dictatorship that oversees all vampires. They are exactly how a vampire should be ruthless and cruel but elegant beautiful and full of power.

When Breaking Dawn was released I read it more out of obligation then enthusiasm, I figured I’ve gotten this far why not read the last book. I found it to be boring at first but much more interesting near the end.

The movies depict the books perfectly but they seem to make Bella out to be worse then she is in the books and I feel like if they stayed more true to her character there would be a lot less Bella haters out there. The same goes for Edward they had Rob Pats act far to serious in a capacity that he didn’t seem capable of. I have seen every movie and I will round out the series but watching the final movie this summer.

This series is NOT the next Harry Potter it is by far not as good as The Hunger Games, standing alone this series is OKAY not amazing not incredible just...ok. It makes me happy when I am sad and brings back the soothing notions I found from the books when I was first exposed to them. The movies are entertaining thought Breaking Dawn Part 1 was very very weak and highly disappointing.

I've always admired the cover art for Twilight, the first book gives you the image of forbidden fruit. That in itself is foreshadowing what is to come as are the rest of the book covers.

Not everyone enjoys Twilight, I am not the biggest fan at all times but I do enjoy it and I remember how it helped me when I was fourteen. Now that I am nineteen seeing the movies is just how I am rounding out the final chapter of this saga. A well done book series, a good group of movies, a great get away for a young girl in trouble, I am not a twi-hard I just manage to enjoy the story written even though it isn't entirely all that great.

Incase anyone was wondering i am......Team Jacob <3 haha.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

So many books so little time

As you can tell I am inundated with books to read and soon review so far my kindle library consists of over fifty books haha I wish they had a section for when you finish a book to put it off to the side but alas they don't. So i'll be posting as much as i can while i read. Book review coming up for Witch Hunt.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Grey Wolves Series By Quinn Loftis

The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis

The Grey Wolves Series, can be described in two word-heart stopping. Author, Quinn Loftis manages to pain a picture depicting a world that lives beneath our very own. One ruled by Wolves, where Alphas are the absolute power and love is so strong it can kill and preserve the species. In the first installment we are introduced to a quirky average teenager by the name of Jacque Pierce and her two partners in crime Jennifer Adams and Sally Morgan. Up until the arrival of one certain Romanian heart throb Fane Lupei, there lives had appeared to be pretty normal.

After a sneaky plan to meet the estranged foreign exchange student Jacque begins to change, Markings appear on her back and suddenly a voice is in her head, belonging to none other then Fane. As true love blossoms a rival Alpha steps forward challenging Fane to a fight to the death, the prize-Jacque’s Heart.

As we eagerly devour the second book Blood Rites, we are taken deeper into the world of the Canis Lupis or werewolves for that matter. Jacque’s Father crawls out of the woodwork all while Jacque, Sally and Jen are placed in the intensive care unit due to a serious care accident. Meanwhile hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Cynthia a doctor responsible for the care and treatment of the three girls is cooking up something and it isn’t to make them feel better.

The long awaited Third book to the series, Just One Drop tells the story of Jennifer Adams and her struggles with tall dark and handsome Decebel, Beta wolf to the Romanian pack. After being told she had enough wolf blood in her system to be considered a member of the pack things heat up between Jen and Decebel leaving readers screaming at there books and kindles begging for the romantic rendezvous we all see coming a mile away. Just as there relationship seems to be forming there Alpha informs the Romanian Wolves they are to attend a gathering for unmated males and females to ensure the continuation of there race. While sexy and sassy Jen toes the line with Decebel’s heart, a plan to overthrow the Romanian Alpha is set in motion and all is not what it seems.

Loftis captures your mind and imagination and shows us a world that we all secretly wish could exist, I mean who doesn’t want to know there are some hot werewolves out there looking for someone to call there mate? With heart pounding action scenes, beautiful character development and comical moments to break the ice she shows an improvement in her writing and enthralls fans young and old. With a pinch of action a dash of blood and a whole lot of romance and sexy werewolves you have the recipe for the perfect Paranormal Romance Novel.

Now I have to sit here and wait, dreaming eagerly of her next book Out of The Dark.