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The Twilight Saga By Stefanie Meyer

The Twilight Saga By Stephanie Meyer

This review will tell a personal story as to what Twilight did for me and why I still enjoy it so many years later. When I was in my freshman year of high school, alot was going on in my life. I was staying in a lonely place away from home and we visited the library once a week and I could only take out one book at a time. With a begrudging sigh I began to read Twilight, they would often find me sitting in a tree outside of the house reading it slowly soaking up every detail. By the next library visit I was ready for the next book. I took the universe Twilight provided me with and made it into an escape a place where I could be a vampire and run away from the dark times in life. In the beginning It did really give me a lot. A place to run away too. By this time I had exhausted my harry potter books and was looking for something new and I found peace in Twilight. It was an emotional get away in a horrible time in my life.

The plot is well thought out though Bella is painted to be far to much the damsel in distress and not every girl likes being painted that way. I certainly did it so I found myself changing her as I read the books in my mind to make her more like me. Edward started out as everyone’s ideal man and turned into a bit of an over bearing boyfriend-husband then reverted back to being the ideal man.

Jacob is my favorite character he is strong and powerful and as he progresses through the series his character just gets better and better. I love his relationship with bella and to be honest I wish she had decided to stay with him but that would have made for a far less interesting story and make Edward a rather redundant character.

I really do not like the fact the vampires “sparkle” in the sun, remove sparkling from one of their traits and they are a picture of perfect modern day vampires. If I could talk to Meyer directly I’d advise her against the sparkling because it takes away from the small amount of fear we are all supposed to have for the vampire.

As I read these books I fell in love with the characters despite there flaws and fell in love with there world. I love the Volturi they are the picture of power in Twilight and the government/dictatorship that oversees all vampires. They are exactly how a vampire should be ruthless and cruel but elegant beautiful and full of power.

When Breaking Dawn was released I read it more out of obligation then enthusiasm, I figured I’ve gotten this far why not read the last book. I found it to be boring at first but much more interesting near the end.

The movies depict the books perfectly but they seem to make Bella out to be worse then she is in the books and I feel like if they stayed more true to her character there would be a lot less Bella haters out there. The same goes for Edward they had Rob Pats act far to serious in a capacity that he didn’t seem capable of. I have seen every movie and I will round out the series but watching the final movie this summer.

This series is NOT the next Harry Potter it is by far not as good as The Hunger Games, standing alone this series is OKAY not amazing not incredible just...ok. It makes me happy when I am sad and brings back the soothing notions I found from the books when I was first exposed to them. The movies are entertaining thought Breaking Dawn Part 1 was very very weak and highly disappointing.

I've always admired the cover art for Twilight, the first book gives you the image of forbidden fruit. That in itself is foreshadowing what is to come as are the rest of the book covers.

Not everyone enjoys Twilight, I am not the biggest fan at all times but I do enjoy it and I remember how it helped me when I was fourteen. Now that I am nineteen seeing the movies is just how I am rounding out the final chapter of this saga. A well done book series, a good group of movies, a great get away for a young girl in trouble, I am not a twi-hard I just manage to enjoy the story written even though it isn't entirely all that great.

Incase anyone was wondering i am......Team Jacob <3 haha.

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