Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mortal Obligation By Nichole Chase

Mortal Obligations By Nichole Chase

Mortal obligations is part one of a three part series called The Dark Betrayal Trilogy. Opening up with a description of our main character Ree Mckenna. She seems to be perfectly human and she appears to lead a perfectly human life. That is until a group of teens attack Ree and her friends. This groups is called The Dark Ones some other worldly creatures that sound as if they are a demon-vampire experiment gone wrong. In the space of one chapter Ree and her friends are whisked away to a nearby island where they are told they are the descendants of Gods and Ree is there trump card in an age old war. With the help of her immortal gaggle of friends and friend and mentor Sophie, Ree has to win the war or the course of history will change for ever and humans will become slaves to the Dark Ones.

Mortal Obligations is a fast paced book causing you to lose touch with reality and start checking the shadows for dark ones. Supernatural powers and gods are perfectly married in this short but tantalizing book. With a pleasant amount of heart break and romance you can’t help but fall in love with Ree and all her flaws and untamed power.

So far I love the charecters in this book, its not very easy juggling so many power players and developing there personalities but Ms. Chase manages this perfectly. The fact the Gods can visit their immortal grandchildren is a thrilling add on.

Ms. Chase presents an otherworldly tale that capture your imagination and throws you into a different version of our own world where wars are raged in secret and the fate of the world lies on the shoulders of one girl.

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