Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Wrote My First Book

Saving Sylvia Heart By Nicole Ruiz,
What a thrill it is to see those words. Writing this book was definitely a journey, I found myself scrolling through the Facebook page called Y.A.N.A. also known as You Are Never Alone, an out reach campaign to help kids who have been bullied and hurt themselves. I read the stories these courageous kids had to say and no surprise here, a lot of them were from girls. Girl who suffered at the hands of a boy they thought they loved.

Later that night I was on the phone with my own wonderful Boyfriend Ryan and I said to him I wanted to reach out to these girls and tell them they can be saved that they can be loved but the only way I knew how to do this was through writing. What Ryan said next really surprised me, he said "Why don't you write a book?" I sat there and let his words sink in for a moment and realized it was a good idea.

Thus Sylvia Heart was born, a seventeen year old small town girl who is dating her so called high school sweet heart who batters her and honestly makes her regret living. Sylvia reflects on what made her fall for Max Irwin her demonic boyfriend as her feelings become twisted when freshman to Edison High Damon Wolfe crawls his way into her heart.

Through out the writing of this book I wanted to give up, it isn't long you can really just call it a Novella. A short story if you will. But I wanted to give up so badly because I felt like every word sounded wrong and that no one would want to read my story. Ryan kept pushing me to finish my book and when I did we sat down for a long phone conversation and I read him the entire book. My heart was in my throat the entire time I was frightened by the fact he was silent through out the reading. When I finished he said to me "I Love It" so after some grammar checks and running it through spell check six or seven times I hit send to KDP Kindle Digital Publishing, before I could lose my nerve.

The next morning my book was published and it was out there for everyone to see. I was ecstatic. I Ran into my Mom's room holding my laptop and showed her my book was for sale on amazon. She was proud of me because she has always wanted me to pursue my writing. Posting the links on my personal Facebook people started reading my book and the personal messages started pouring in. My friends and people I never met truly fell in love with Sylvia and felt her pain.

I am so happy I published this book I am very proud of it though I am sure it is full of flaws, it is flawed but it is mine. With the encouragement of Ryan and my lovely friend Falisha Alteres who posed for the cover photo my dream to publish a book became a reality. As for what's next I have no idea, I don't like to put a time table on these kinds of things so when I write again I'll be sure to let you all know. Below you will be able to find links to the book through amazon and smash swords.    On amazon it costs One dollar. on Smashswords it is for free

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